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Have you ever read about an overly elaborate and clever big ticket robbery and thought I can’t condone this but part of me still wants to give the thief a high five? That’s how I felt after reading about poor Guy Fieri’s stolen wheels. The foodie’s yellow Lamborghini was inside British Motor Car Distributors back in March when a ballsy dude climbed on the roof, lowered himself down, plopped into the driver’s seat and made off like a bat out of hell. Workers were stunned, cops were dumbfounded and the car vanished, at least until this weekend.

That’s when a seventeen-year-old boy was booked by the Marin County Sheriff’s Department for gun possession. According to TMZ, authorities discovered he had a storage unit, and when they looked inside, they found Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini. Thus far, cops are still investigating whether the apprehended boy was actually the one who got his hands on the sweet ride, but the evidence certainly seems to point to his involvement in some way.

As for now, the car is still being held by the Sheriff’s Office until it can be processed as evidence, but at some point in the future, the affable host will get his ride back. He released a statement today thanking authorities for their hard work in solving the case. Something tells me the teenager is a little less pleased and probably a little perturbed at himself for improperly possessing a weapon.

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