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The Bahamas might be a great place to spend time relaxing, but for The Office star Craig Robinson, his journey to the Caribbean proved to be the exact opposite thanks to some questionable decisions. Yesterday, he was busted with a baggie full of drugs and was forced to go in front of the magistrate to try and keep himself out of jail.

According to TMZ, Robinson was in the Bahamas in order to perform at the gigantic Atlantis Hotel. While there, authorities found half a gram of marijuana and eighteen ecstasy pills, which is serious business in the Bahamas. Under the law, being caught with such substances carries with it a maximum penalty of four years in jail, but rather than fight it out, the actor decided to fall on the sword. He admitted the drugs were his and used the classic I-didn’t-know-ecstasy-was-illegal-in-the-Bahamas excuse, which went over fairly well. He got slapped with a one thousand dollar fine and was promptly given the boot out of the country.

This isn’t Robinson’s first brush with drug-related charges. Back in 2008, he was caught with meth and later pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance. He escaped any kind of harsher penalties by completing a drug diversion program. Given how regularly he works and what little problems he seems to cause on the set, Robinson’s drug problem seems to be purely recreational. That being said, with two busts under his belt plus the health problems long-term ecstasy usage can cause, he should probably think of toning it down a bit and making wiser decisions.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Robinson during this time of need. He’s one of the most inventive and brilliant comedians working today, and I think I speak for all of his fans when I say we’d like to see him around (and out of jail) for decades to come. Here’s to hoping that happens.

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