Keith Olbermann has left more than a few jobs without good luck parties. In fact, I’m sure at several of those stops, the employees actually celebrated his exodus, but in a career filled with controversial departures, the host’s break from Current TV might well go down as the most bitter and personal of them all. Olbermann was given the heave-ho last week, and the network explained its motivations in a bitchy letter that called into question his respect and loyalty. The following day, he responded with a scathing letter of his own that both patted himself on the back and attacked Al Gore’s ethics.

Earlier this week, Olbermann officially filed a fifty million dollar lawsuit against Current TV in an attempt to claim the rest of the money left on his contract. Now the television station has read through the lawsuit and fired back, not surprisingly in a condescending and confident tone. Here’s an excerpt of the statement courtesy of TMZ
"As the old adage says: 'When the law is on your side, you argue the law. When the facts are on your side, you argue the facts. When neither the law nor the facts are on your side, you pound the table.' We will be happy to engage on the law and the facts in the appropriate forum. It is well established that over his professional career Mr. Olbermann has specialized in pounding the table. We hope Mr. Olbermann understands that when it comes to the legal process, he is actually required to show up."

For someone who has made a career out of his mastery of the English language, it’s very fitting to see Olbermann be attacked in a clever and well put-together paragraph. Unfortunately for Current, the above statement is kind of an indictment of the network itself too. Obviously, they were well aware of Olbermann’s history of “pounding the table” prior to his hiring. The station should have known conflicts would arise, though having a stupid business model doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll wind up on the hook for all of Olbermann’s money. No doubt lawyers for the two sides will implore each to settle, but only time will tell whether both parties will be able to stop bitching long enough to do so.

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