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If you have young children and a heavy old television dangling on the edge of a dresser, it’s imperative you let this information sink in and then take immediate action. There is a low probability, but a probability nonetheless, that your kid will be crushed to death by that giant bubble-butted monstrosity. On average, the horrifying fate befalls one youngster every three weeks, and the worst part is the majority of parents aren’t even aware of the potential danger.

According to USA Today, more than two hundred children have died via falling television blow since 2000, and there are alarming statistics that indicate numbers are on the rise. Twenty-nine actually died last year, and experts think the increase is indirectly related to flat screen TVs. Rather than throwing out their old televisions after making the switch, many parents are putting the bulky, old cumbersome TVs on top of dressers in their children’s rooms. Unfortunately, many kids climb on top of the dressers to turn on the televisions and because they're not properly secured, they sometimes hit the child and crash to the floor on top of him or her.

Less than three dozen children might not seem like a huge number of deaths every year, but the figure is high enough to be a legitimate concern for parents to worry about. So, if you’ve taken the step to procreate, take a quick look around your house today and check out whether the televisions are properly secured. It’ll only take five minutes, and the guaranteed time suck is far better than the worst case alternative.

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