A daring rescue that looks like something out of a Disney movie was caught on camera recently. In the clip, elephants band together to save one of the young in their herd when it gets swept downstream by a strong current. Moments captured like this really make you wonder the capacity of other mammals and how they think. Are they just as intelligent as us, or even smarter?

This video would have you believe there are at least a few things going on upstairs. The fact the herd was able to quickly recognize and address the situation of the calf in distress is impressive in and of itself without the help of an oral language, but when the elephant bounds after the lost calf like some superhero, all of us should be a whole different level of impressed. I figure if you’re an animal in the wild, you’re pretty used to seeing your young lost. Not saying that I expected to watch a video where a calf gets washed away, but I was certainly surprised at how quick the response time was!

I was also surprised at the other elephants' willingness to help out in the situation. Herds have to look out for each other apparently, as one of the elder elephants slowly charges its way down the hill to help the othersrecover the baby .I was confused as to whether they needed two trunks to effectively lift the calf or maybe the current just was too strong to really do anything. Whatever the case, the larger elephant appeared to dam off the water enough for the calf to regain its footing and and continue it’s journey across the pridelands.

Of course, they could’ve developed a strategy to prevent the whole ordeal from happening to begin with. Maybe they could’ve put the calf on their backs as they made their journey across a clearly dangerous river. If that wasn’t possible, they could have positioned the calf on the other side of the elephants so if it was caught by the current it would just collide with the other elephants and be able to struggle its way to the other side. Oh well, they say an elephant never forgets, so maybe they will be able to implement a new strategy the next time this situation arises.

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