The third and final book in Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy is set to arrive in a little more than a month. Two more sneak peeks from the book have made their way online, giving us some new words to chew on while we wait to see how this story ends. If you're not caught up through Insurgent, consider yourself spoiler-warned, as there are references to the first and second book in this article.

We know that Allegiant will be told from both Tris and Four's perspective, as opposed to just Tris', which was how the first two books in the dystopian trilogy were told. The first quote revealed was from Tris' perspective, and the one that came after that is presumably from Four. Among the latest quotes to be revealed is one from Tris, which comes courtesy of

divergent quote

"It's not often you encounter the real person behind a good-natured mask, the darkest parts of someone. It's not comfortable when you do."

Any idea who Tris is referring to? "Good-natured" makes me think of the Amity faction, automatically, so I wonder if it's someone from there. And since we know that Amity induces calm and good moods for its members through the use of a peace serum, maybe Tris will encounter someone from that faction who's gone a bit too long between doses and is no longer responding with placid acceptance toward their situation. But really, the quote could apply to just about anyone, as there are probably good-natured people in all factions.

Next up, we have this more mysterious quote, which was shared by and doesn't specify the speaker:

Second quote

I think it may be an incorrect assumption to say that this quote comes from either Tris or Four. Of course, it could be either of them talking about growing too large for their faction, but I'm not sure how closely tied either of them feels toward Dauntless, being Divergent and all. Haven't they always been too large for their faction? Judging by the manner of speaking and the words "now that I know," I'm going to throw Tris' brother Caleb's name out there as the potential speaker here. We don't know for sure that this quote is a thought, after all. If it's spoken by a character, it could be anyone, and Caleb's Erudite, the faction known for its scholarly thinkers. He strikes me as the type that would vocalize his change of mindset after seeing the big picture, considering the new information and deciding that his outlook has changed. That's just a guess, though. We'll find out when the book hits shelves next month.

Between the Four-focused eShorts coming out, the arrival of Allegiant and the Divergent movie, there's a lot to keep track of. Here's the schedule of releases for everything, including The Transfer, which came out earlier this month:

September 3 - The Transfer.
September 24 - The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant.
October 22 - Allegiant.
December 17 - The Initiate.
January 21 - The Son.
February 11 - The Traitor.

And then the feature adaptation of Divergent arrives in theaters March 21, 2014.

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