This morning, Michael Jackson’s former protégé Wade Robson appeared on Today and absolutely ripped the deceased pop star from top to bottom. From calling him a pedophile to accusing him of brainwashing in order to elicit the court testimony he wanted, Robson was ruthless in his comments and extremely firm in his basic stance.

If Robson is to be believed, Jackson regularly performed sexual acts on him and forced him to reciprocate while the choreographer was between the ages of seven and fourteen. During that time, he allegedly told him the molestation was the natural byproduct of their love and that it must be kept silent or they’d both wind up in jail.

If Jackson’s family and the attorney for his estate are to be believed, however, Robson is a publicity-hungry liar looking for a paycheck. By his own admission, he suffered a breakdown last year and hasn’t worked a whole lot since. In addition, he testified under oath on at least two occasions that Jackson not only never touched him but never attempted to do anything shady during all the time they spent together.

Robson claims his allegations have nothing to do with the money he could potentially win from the singer’s estate and his record company, but because he is suing for money, there’s always the chance that this is exactly what his allegations are about.

What do you think? Do you buy Robson’s claim that MJ molested him for all those years, or do you think he’s just a liar looking for a handout? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Buy Robson's Story?

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