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If you look up “greatest horse and dog duos” on Google, you will find absolutely nothing and might make some sort of NSA list. This just goes to show you just how unique a friendship this obscenely small pony and dog have. “Staffy” and “Minihorse” (guess which one is which) are the type of bros who will wash each other when the other one is looking grimey. I now understand why I’m on the NSA list.

How is it dogs are such bosses at chilling with other animals? They already dominate the human preference circuit, and anyone who tries to dispute that with cat facts can go to the corner and stay there. This video further shows that dogs are the ultimate best friends. I’ve seen dogs pair up with cats, big and small, and now horses? This horse is so tight with this dog he’s giving it a tongue bath! That’s pretty awesome, although I feel like it was about to get really gross right near the end of the video.

The most common question that comes up when these types of videos surface is “how exactly did this happen?” It’s well documented that animals will form bonds outside their species group if the social need to interact outweighs their instinct to avoid each other. The saying often goes, the cat that’s raised with dogs doesn’t know it’s a cat. So what happens when a horse that clearly knows it’s a horse decides to chill with a dog?

It’s tough to really state reasons, as animals can’t talk, but it’s safe to assume animals form bonds on a much simpler level but similar to humans. I’m friends with my puppy, and that’s not weird, and my puppy isn’t necessarily buds with every dog he meets on the street. Would I be concerned if my toy poodle befriended a horse? Oh yeah definitely. He’s eight pounds and likes to play rough and one hoof kick could spell the end of him so I would have issues right out the gate. This dog seems to be content and safe, however, and despite the NSA’s best intentions, there’s nothing stopping them from displaying their love.

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