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Donald Trump is no stranger to litigation, but still, he surprised many this morning by announcing he’s filing a lawsuit against Bill Maher for five million dollars. Last month, the comedian appeared on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno he would donate five million dollars to a charity of Trump’s choice if the business mogul would release his birth certificate and prove his mother didn’t fornicate with an orangutan.

Obviously, he intended the offer as a commentary on Trump’s own challenge to President Obama, but in a skilled one up move, the Apprentice star actually handed over the birth certificate and asked Maher to donate the five million to charity. Despite repeated attempts, that hasn’t happened yet; so, Trump decided to go the litigation route this morning.

According to The Daily Mail, Trump released a statement today saying he isn’t sure whether or not he’ll win the lawsuit but feels he has an obligation to do it for the Hurricane Sandy Victims, the Police Athletic League, the American Caner Society, the March of Dimes and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, five organizations who he had planned to give one million dollars each.

On the one hand, an overwhelming majority of people were well aware Maher was joking, and it’s kind of a dick move to push him to fork over five million dollars. On the other hand, this whole thing has pretty much been a cat and mouse game, and this move by Trump was the perfect one-up.

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