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Have you ever wished there was a way to spy on someone and reference a classic television program at the same time? Turns out there is. Youtube user Mark Rober, who just so happens to be a technological genius and a Scooby Doo fan, figured out a way to do the classic portrait surveillance system gag using modern technology.

Using an old picture frame with the eyes cut out, he set up a Facetime chat between an IPad with glasses taped to it and an iPhone carefully positioned behind the picture frame. The ingenuity worked like a charm, and he was able to start spying and paying tribute immediately. Take a look at the magic below…

This greatness was published yesterday, and it has over sixteen thousand views. Ordinarily, I’d consider that a pretty solid number, but given the coolness of this technology, that seems disappointing. Regardless, I hope some people actually do it and tape any shocked reactions from their friends. The process seems relatively simple and worth the effort to get some startled double takes followed by pleas for an explanation.

I’m not ready to buy an iPad, but I am adding this idea to my pros column.