Three years ago, Basketball Wives star Royce Reed agreed to a gag order that prevented her from publicly trashing Dwight Howard. The two had a son together, but when the relationship went south, it went really far south, resulting in bitter words, threats and a wild custody battle. The gag order was put in place to try and tone all of that down, but apparently, after time to reconsider, Royce thinks she should be able to trash the Magic center as much as she’d like.

In order to make that happen, she’s asked a judge to consider lifting the previous agreement and making public all the horrible things she’s alleging Howard has done. According to TMZ, they include but are not limited to the star player’s corrupt morals, poor mental state and unreasonable behavior. If successful, she’d also assumedly be able to speak on the record to the press about their relationship, which could be pretty profitable.

I’m all for parents fighting for their children. If a kid’s mother or father is actually unfit to raise the child, I get why the other party would head to court to battle for custody, but it seems like trashing someone in public really isn’t in anyone’s best interests.

The presiding judge is yet to rule on the matter, but unless Reed is able to prove a specific reason why everyone needs to know the intimate details, it seems unlikely her requests will be granted. Until then, fans can tune into Magic games to see a different trainwreck in progress.

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