Elton John has finally responded in an official capacity to claims he stole the lyrics for his 1985 song “Nikita”, and not surprisingly, his legal documents say any such allegations are bogus. The songwriter and his partner Bernie Taupin have been accused of borrowing from random dude Guy Hobbs who supposedly penned a similar song about a Western man falling in love with a Russian woman. His track shared lyrics with “Nikita” like “I need you”, “just” and “never”.

According to the singer’s attorney, however, it’s ridiculous to think John and Taupin, men who have written dozens of famous songs, would need to steal from someone in order to come up with a line like “I need you”. In addition, since an idea as generic as people from different countries falling in love can’t be copyrighted, the pop star’s legal team wants the case to be thrown out as quickly as possible.

I’m willing to hear out any claims that intellectual property was stolen, but this one really seems weak. According to TMZ, a judge hasn’t yet ruled on the matter, but there should be a decision on whether or not the lawsuit will proceed shortly.

I’m pretty confident this will get thrown out. There just aren’t enough facts to retrospectively make this claim, but since the legal system is unpredictable, you never can know. We will keep you updated.

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