When Elvis Presley died in 1977, he was placed in a large mausoleum next to his mother Gladys. A few months later however, his family had a change of heart and decided Graceland was the better place for The King to spend eternity. Both Elvis and Gladys were moved to his tourist attraction property where they’ve remained ever since. As for the crypt, it has stood completely empty, but it looks like it might not stay that way for long.

Julien’s Auctions recently announced it will offer up scores of items once belonging to music’s best and brightest on June 23rd and 24th, and among the choices will be the rights to be buried inside Presley’s empty tomb. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the granite and marble final resting place is inside Forest Hill Cemetery. The winning bid will include free opening and closing of the tomb for burial, as well as usage of the chapel and engraving. Obviously, when the day finally arrives, some other expenses will be involved, but it’s hard to imagine someone shelling out for the King’s crypt would have troublel paying for a hearse.

It’s unclear how much money it might take to secure the location, but given how many crazy Elvis fans are out there, one would imagine it will not come cheap. Auctions are notoriously random however; so, a low ball offer might take it or a bidding war could erupt. Something tells me Presley, who always lived life to the fullest, would prefer the latter.

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