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Flavor Flav has been repeated accused of not paying child support over the years. The hype man has seven children with three different women, and the two he’s not currently with haven’t been shy about letting the court system and the media know about Flav’s delinquency. The newest beef however could wind up being far and away the most serious.

According to The New York Daily News, the former Flavor Of Love star is supposed to fork over more than eight hundred dollars a week to Angie Parker in order to care for the three children he has with her. She claims he hasn’t paid in quite awhile, leaving a bill that has soared to more than one hundred and ten thousand dollars. A hearing was scheduled this week to determine what happened, but Flav reportedly didn’t bother showing up.

Consequently, the court declared his non-payment to be a “willful violation” and recommended he serve one hundred and eighty days in jail. If the ruling goes through, Flav will also reportedly lose his passport and driver’s license. A new court date has been scheduled for June 19th in Albany, New York, and if he doesn’t show up again, there could be even bigger problems.

Supporting your children is a responsibility. It’s not something to be done now and again or at a dad’s convenience. Pop Blend’s thoughts go out, not to Flavor Flav, but to his children who need a father and probably new shoes.