Former Atlanta Brave Otis Nixon Claims Crack Belonged To Son

Retired professional baseball player Otis Nixon, best known for his stint in the early 1990s with the Braves, was pulled over this past weekend in Atlanta for weaving like a bat out of hell through traffic. When cops approached the vehicle to chat, they allegedly spotted a crack rock, which prompted a more thorough search that supposed uncovered more crack rocks, multiple crack pipes and some random drug paraphanelia.

According to TMZ, Nixon admitted the substances inside the car were crack rocks, and he passed several field sobriety tests. As for who they actually belonged to, the stolen base artist reportedly rolled over on his son. If the police report is to be believed, he told the officers the drugs belonged to his son and he was on his way to dispose of them so the boy couldn’t smoke them.

Whether rightly or wrongly, there’s something about crack that scares people a whole lot more than cocaine. At this point, it’s unclear whether Nixon is suffering from a full blown addiction, simply dabbling in experimentation or telling the truth about trying to keep the drugs from his son. We should know more in a matter of weeks, however, when Nixon decides whether or not he wants to fight the charges or plead out.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Nixon family right now. Here’s to hoping whoever has been dabbling in crack figures out more productive and far safer things to do with his time.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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