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Longtime Major League Baseball player Pascual Perez was found murdered in his home in the Dominican Republican this morning. The pitcher, who played for several teams during his career, was discovered by his ex-wife around 8:30 AM. His house was reportedly ransacked and police are speculating the assailants were looking for money.

According to ESPN, authorities are refusing to divulge whether they have any idea who may have committed the crime or where the investigation may take them, but they are reportedly confident multiple people were involved in Perez’s undoing.

Over the course of his eleven year Major League Baseball career, Perez won sixty-seven games. Unfortunately, his legacy also includes two failed drug tests and some strange behavior including one missed start after he got lost on his way to the stadium. He was suspended for the final time in 1992, allegedly for a failed drug test, and rather than serving out his time, he decided just to retire.

Considering not only his fame but the fact his brother is the mayor of the town he now lives in, it’s extremely likely Perez’s killers will be brought to justice. The only real question is how long it might take for the right evidence to turn up.

Over the next few days, more and more facts surrounding this case will likely be made public. Regardless of what they indicate, they won’t change the fact that Perez was unnecessarily murdered. Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to all those effected by this miserable tragedy. We’ll keep you updated.

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