Game Of Thrones' Clive Mantle Gets Ear Bitten Off In Scuffle

Game of Thrones actor Clive Mantle is a large man at 6’5”, but apparently, he's not big enough to keep two drunken Scottish men off of him. On Sunday, the actor was staying in a hotel when a scuffle turned into something more dangerous after the actor’s ear was bitten off.

It’s difficult to see how a brawl could end up so disorderly, but that’s exactly what happened. Mantle was staying in the Newcastle Travelodge after The Ladykillers finished its run in a nearby theater when a man began making noise. According to The Mirror, Mantle asked the man to be quiet, hoping the noise would die down. Instead, the man just left and came back with a second man, making even more noise. Mantle returned to the hallway again, this time hoping to get to the bottom of the noise, but this time, the men jumped him, with one man biting off a chunk of the actor’s ear.

It sounds like Mantle got stuck in a bad situation, but this information is coming from his agent, which means it may be skewed somewhat in the actor’s favor. Suffice to say, no one deserves to have a piece of his or her ear bitten clean off. Luckily, hotel staff were around and called the police and it can be confirmed the 55-year-old actor’s ear was able to be sown back on and hopefully will avoid any infection.

The actor recently appeared in the first season of Game of Thrones, as well as the UK’s White Van Man and Sherlock, but is probably best known for the nineties BBC series, Casualty. With a little luck, he won’t be in recovery for too long and will be able to jump right back into the acting game.

Jessica Rawden
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