George Michael Hospitalized With Head Injury After Car Accident

Pop singer George Michael was flown by ambulance to a hospital in England last night after a car accident. Details concerning what exactly happened remain a little bit fuzzy, but apparently, the former Wham! frontman suffered a largely superficial injury to his head and is recovering nicely.

According to BBC, the accident in question happened on Thursday in Hertfordshire. Michael was the passenger inside a Range Rover being driven by an unknown individual when the vehicle was involved in a one-car accident. Exactly why there was a crash or even what was crashed into won’t be known until a full investigation is conducted and made public, but whatever the force was that pushed back was clearly serious because the damage reportedly closed the highway for more than an hour and obviously, landed Michael in the hospital.

Over the course of his career, Michael has been in the headlines numerous times for a wide variety of reasons. His driving especially has been a source of gossip. Back in 2010, the singer’s license was revoked for a five-year-period and he was sentenced to eight weeks in jail for driving his vehicle into a Snappy Snaps while under the influence of cannabis. That suspended license likely explains why he wasn’t operating the Range Rover yesterday, but obviously, it does little to explain why it crashed.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Michael as he recovers in the hospital from his injuries. Here’s to hoping he’s back to singing and making people happy sooner rather than later.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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