Jodie Foster was honored with the Cecil B Demille Award at the Golden Globes earlier this evening for her long, incredible career in Hollywood, and she used her acceptance speech to get something out in public that’s been whispered about for decades. For the first time on the record, the actress overtly acknowledged her former partner/ ex-soul sister in love/ co-parent Sydney Bernard and owned up to the way she’s happily lived her life.

Here’s a portion of her actual quote…
”I'm so very proud of our modern family."

For years, people tried to push Foster out of the closet. From journalists to other actors and actresses, others attempted to make her be open to serve their purposes, but she continued to live life on her own terms, keeping her family out of the public eye without a second thought. That silence changed tonight. She didn’t make a big deal about it. In fact, she commented on how ridiculous the whole idea of having to make a statement about your sexuality is, but before it was over, she stepped out, gave a wave and calmly walked back to her private life.

Good for Jodie. I’m glad she came out on her terms. I hope it will be enough for people to leave her alone, and I hope her words gave the members of her family just an extra little ounce of happiness.

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