Golden Globes: Should Ricky Gervais Have Been More Offensive?

Leading up to Sunday night’s telecast of the Golden Globes, interested parties really tried to sell the idea of Ricky Gervais as a dangerous and uncontrollable emcee. Given the viciousness he used the last time around, the marketing approach didn’t really come as a surprise, but now that the awards show has come and gone, it’s time to analyze whether audiences actually got what they expected.

During his monologue and various interludes throughout the show, Gervais attacked the Hollywood Foreign Press, NBC, Kim Kardashian and Jodie Foster’s beaver. At one point, he even looped back around and continued his assault on The Tourist begun at last year’s program. Nominees were teased and presenters were ridiculed, but none of it seemed quite as shocking or mean-spirited as before. In all likelihood, that step back was due to the audience expecting as much this year, but that hasn’t stopped some commentators from questioning why he didn’t go further.

In many ways, it’s an easy critique. As viewers, most of us would obviously like to see the audience squirm. Pissed off reactions make for good television and better discussion the next day, but the more scathing one gets, the more he risks coming across as a jerk and undermining the integrity of the festivities. It’s all a careful balance, which is why I personally think Gervais did a fine job. Had he been anymore hurtful in his comments, the whole thing may have come across as a stand-up routine rather than an awards show.

That’s my opinion, but I want to know what you think. Do you wish Ricky had been more offensive? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

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