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Gomer Pyle USMC Lead Jim Nabors Marries Partner After Almost 4 Decades

After thirty-eight years together, Gomer Pyle, USMC lead Jim Nabors and his partner Stan Cadwallader finally got hitched. The two flew to Washington earlier this month after the state legalized gay marriage, and in front of a few friends as witnesses inside a room at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, they said their I-dos and legally strengthened an airtight relationship almost four decades old.

According to Hawaii News Now, Cadwallader and Nabors first met in Honolulu back in 1975. The former was a firefighter and the latter was still working regularly in Hollywood but was living part of the time in Hawaii. They struck up a friendship and Nabors eventually hired Cadwallader to work for him. A romantic relationship soon sprung out of the arrangement, and they’ve been together ever since, neither denying nor making a big show about their togetherness, which is classic Nabors.

An unrelenting optimist who thinks people should be entitled to think and act as they choose, Nabors never hid anything from his friends and co-workers, but he was never interested in joining the picket line either because to him, he was always in a committed relationship, regardless of what the law had to say.

"This is really no big deal. My friend and I, my partner, we went through all of this 38 years ago. So I mean, we made our vows and that was it. It was to each other, but nevertheless, we were a couple."

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Nabors and Cadwallader as they embark on this new phase in their lives. They may have been together longer than most newlyweds, but here’s to hoping they still experience a bit of that euphoria.

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