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Green Day’s been gearing up for their first studio album since 2009 by dropping some singles and even appearing at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. With a trilogy of albums planned over the next couple of months, the veteran band has a lot on its plate, but Green Day is still willing to pop out a new single every now and again to keep fans excited. The newest track, “Let Yourself Go” is the third single from the band’s September album, ¡Uno!.

“Let Yourself Go” sounds a little scrappy and cheeky, with a few f-bombs thrown in for good measure. If you like what you heard, you can check out the track over at iTunes, or just hang out until the album drops on September 28.

¡Uno! is the first of three albums that will drop by the beginning of 2013. The second album, ¡Dos!, will hit the market on November 12, and the final LP will come out just after the new year. Called ¡Tré!, the final alum in the trilogy will reach audiences on January 14, 2013. With that much music, it stands to reason the band would have something epic in the works. According to NME, a documentary will be put out in support of the album. The band also has plans to headline a large stadium date in London. With a little luck, news of more dates will come trickling our way soon.

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