It’s been a scary twenty-four hours for the friends and family of actress Heather Locklear, but the fifty year old is reportedly improving. She was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon following a 911 call made by her sister who suspected something was wrong. The responding paramedics deemed the situation to be serious, and within a few hours, she was in the intensive care unit surrounded by her family.

According to TMZ, authorities are saying privately it was a mix of prescription drugs and alcohol that caused the emergency, but those claims have not yet been publicly verified by anyone connected with the case. A spokesman for the hospital told the press the former Melrose Place star is in stable condition, but her family is reportedly pushing her very hard to seek treatment for prescription drug abuse as soon as she’s released.

Locklear’s had a history of incidents related to controlled substances in the past, including one time in which her therapist called police over overdose fears. With motherhood, fame and a recent end to her engagement all on the table, one would suspect she’s under more than her share of pressure right now.

Pop Blend wishes Locklear nothing but the best in her recovery, and her family nothing but the best as they worry and advise her on what to do. It’s never too late to seek help and reclaim your life. Here’s to hoping by this time next year she’s clean, sober and on the right path.

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