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Over the past three years, former Disney starlet Hilary Duff has been very open about her personal life. She’s raved about the joys of new motherhood and raved about the joys of being hockey player Mike Comrie’s wife, but unfortunately, it seems the mother part has been going a little better than the wife part lately. In fact, the wife title might include an “ex” sooner rather than later.

According to TMZ, Duff and Comrie have officially decided to separate. At this point, the big ugly d word isn’t officially on the table, but judging by what the actress’ mother had to say, lawyers will likely be hired very soon.
"They're better friends than a married couple."

As for what could have possibly happened, at this point it’s unclear. The only specifics that have been made public are that they’ve already decided on joint custody and they’re committed to remaining "best friends" for the long haul. All that would seem to point to a very amicable split, but the sudden nature would seem to point to the opposite. After all, over the past month, she has Instagrammed quite a few pictures of the entire family, including ones on New Year’s Eve and at Disneyland, as seen below…

If these two follow through on the promises of joint custody and don’t fight over every penny in court, they’ll be able to keep their personal problems out of the paper and simply focus on making things as simple for their son Luca, born March 20, 2012, as possible. If tempers flair, however, all the details will come out in court, and I don’t think that is in anyone’s best interests considering they’re going to need to parent together for the seventeen odd years.

Regardless, Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to the couple during this troubling time. Duff for sure thought they would make it over the long haul. You can tell by all of her actions that she really wanted to make a long-term family, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. Here’s to hoping they continue to co-parent and get along for the rest of their lives.

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