Once upon a time, the title of J.K. Rowling’s next book was exciting news. Five years after the last book in the Harry Potter hit shelves, that’s still the case. Rowling’s next project, which is said to be a book for adults, now has a title.

Set to be published by Little, Brown & Co., Rowling’s first post-Potter work of fiction will be titled “The Casual Vacancy.” According to the Washington Post, the story will take place in an English Town called Pagford, “that is not as idyllic as it seems on the surface.” A town with a secret? There’s definite potential there, especially given Rowling’s demonstrated imaginative style of story-telling. According to the publisher, the story will be “blackly comic,” which certainly adds a bit more intrigue to this already greatly anticipated project.

?Harry Potter may have been targeted toward a younger audience, but I know I’m not the only adult who loved every one of those books. It’s going to be very interesting and exciting to see what Rowling does with a more adult-oriented story.?

The book is expected to be available worldwide September 27 and will be sold as a traditional hardback, and as an e-book.

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