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Mexican authorities still haven’t determined who or what was at fault for the tragic plane crash that killed pop star Jenni Rivera and a half dozen others, but the location where the plane was discovered has been officially earmarked as a crime scene thanks to a theft that occurred long after the original tragedy. Apparently, two police officers who worked the plane crash stole several items from the debris and at least one allegedly leaked pictures to the media.

According to TMZ, the two officers haven’t been publically identified, but they have both been arrested and charged with crimes related to their alleged thievery after a search of their homes yielded the missing possessions. Because the case is in its infancy and because an aura of secrecy has engulfed the entire investigation in recent days, it’s unclear what exactly the men stole or how much trouble they might be in for their alleged crimes.

Here’s what the Mexican consulate had to say about the arrests…
”Mexico has been working very hard to make their citizens and tourists safe, however it is not fair to judge the whole tree based upon a few bad apples."

In the coming weeks, the Mexican government will no doubt put many resources into figuring out what happened. Not only was Rivera a beloved musician South of the Border, the eyes of the world are now on the authorities to see how they handle it. Here’s to hoping they act with passion, diligence and competence until the truth, whether it’s convenient or inconvenient, of what actually happened comes out.

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