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Among the many trending topics following Sunday nights Oscar broadcast is Jennifer Lawrence, and going by YouTube's most viewed videos today, Lawrence not only won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, she also won a lot of attention. The actress is featured in numerous videos topping YouTube's charts, further proving that the Hunger Games star is not only on the rise as an actor, but also as a celebrity, and a well-liked one at that.

Gaining attention in the media and particularly in viral videos isn't always such a good thing, but for Jennifer Lawrence, the buzz seems especially positive following her Oscar win on Sunday night.

Currently holding the #1 spot for most views today on YouTube is this video, which has logged more than 2 million total views since it was uploaded on Sunday and shows Lawrence answering questions to the press after winning her Academy Award. Another version of this video holds the #2 spot and an additional 2 million views.

Demonstrating her usual candidness and charm, she jokes about the format of the press questions and reacts honestly to the questions she's asked, which range from preparing for the Oscars to whether she's worried she might be peaking too soon. Her response to that question was not only funny, but as real as it gets.

Speaking of reality, it's likely that sometimes when you're wearing a dress with a long train and a lot of fabric, walking up the stairs can prove to be a challenge. Currently #5 for most views today, this video was posted by Telegraph.co.uk and shows Lawrence's stumble up the steps as she goes to collect her Oscar and a few snippets of her speech, during which she acknowledges the fall.

And then there's #7, which is Lawrence's hilarious reaction to being approached by Jack Nicholson.

There is a handful of other videos featuring Lawrence among YouTube's Top 24 videos today. Beautiful and successful, the 22-year-old Oscar winner doesn't seem to have let the success and fame go to her head, and it's that - added to her sense of humor and willingness to be herself on camera - which makes her one of the more relatable stars of her generation. Is she peaking too soon? It's unlikely. Granted, on the awards level, there's not much further an actor can go once they have the Oscar (except to get more), but on personality and talent, Lawrence has enough of both to go far. And by the buzz and the videos, it seems the world appreciates her as much as the Academy does.