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When we think about gender bias in hiring practices, the image of ignorant old white men bypassing qualified female applicants often comes to mind, but now and again, the practice actually works the other way. At least that’s the claim in a new lawsuit accusing NBC Universal and Jimmy Fallon of firing capable male employees. The paperwork in question was filed by Paul Tarascio, once the first stage manager on the host’s show, and it alleges he was replaced by an incompetent female because the comedian prefers to “take direction from a woman”.

TMZ got its hands on the litigation, which also apparently cites several other examples of Fallon’s female preference including the firings of a Prop-Master and several audio technicians. Tarascio is apparently looking to recover wages lost from his improper canning as well as unspecified punitive damages. As of press time, neither Fallon nor a spokesman for NBC Universal has commented on the lawsuit, but one would imagine a charge such as this will prove too strange not to answer.

At some point in most of our lives, we’ve watched someone else seemingly less qualified get promoted. Some of us have probably even lost our jobs to co-workers who could barely tie their own shoes, but the difference between disagreeing with management and leaping to a gender bias conspiracy is pretty great. I suppose all of this will get worked out in court at some point, but it’s a bit hard to be outraged about more women getting hired in a business that’s dominated by males.