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For fans of Jimmy Kimmel Live, that time of year is quickly approaching. The late night talk show host is preparing for the third annual "National UnFriend Day" or "NUD," which according to Kimmel, allows people to unfriend unwanted or unnecessary Facebook friends guilt-free. Watch the video of him talking about preparing for the approaching annual occasion.

Facebook is really only as enjoyable as the friends you keep, right? Ones Facebook wall is a hodgepodge of pictures, updates and other time-wasting bits of fun and socializing. Of course, there are some Facebook users that have a tendency to throw the whole experience out of whack with their updates. We recently posted a list of 5 awful types of Facebook friends. These would be the kind of people you might consider quietly unfriending. Jimmy Kimmel mentions a few of his own suggestions in this video, which should prepare people for November 17 (NUD).

Of course, in this day and age it's not entirely necessary to unfriend Facebook friends in order to get rid of their overshares, too-many-pictures posts, and app spam. Facebook offers plenty of options to ignore those types of posts without ignoring or removing the friend completely. But I still appreciate the spirit of the day. And it may make people a bit more aware of what they're subjecting their Facebook friends to. The risk of being unfriended may be less harsh than being the subject of Kimmel's latest challenge.

Kimmel is inviting people to pick a person they're unfriending and record themselves telling Kimmel why they are unfriending that person in 20 seconds or less and then upload it to YouTube with the title “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, Meet My Best Unfriend.” It's likely we'll start seeing these videos popping up on YouTube (here's one!) and eventually featured in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which airs weeknights on ABC.