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John Travolta had one job at the Oscars, and that was to announce Idina Menzel, who was performing the Oscar-nominated "Let it Go" at last night's Academy Awards. The song would go on to win Best Song at the event, and John Travolta would go on to be remembered as the announcer who called Idina Menzel "Adela Dazeem."

Why the awkward slip-up? Maybe he couldn't read the prompter. Maybe he had the name in his head and it just came out jumbled. Maybe he was nervous because that happens, even to celebrities, I'm sure. Who knows? Mistakes happen and in the grand scheme of life, this is a minor infraction. But the moderately memorable moment is oddly mesmerizing when watched in a loop, so have at it:

Via EW, "the wick-it-lee talented, one and only" Adela Dazeem has since joined Twitter, because obviously.

He's human and humans make mistakes, but Travolta's name flub ranks a bit higher on the "oof" scale than Tyson Beckford calling Julia Roberts "Jessica Roberts" during the red carpet coverage.

In Beckford's case, it's likely he mixed up Roberts' name with Jessica Biel, who was next on the video segment he was referring to.

On a more positive note, the music at the event was one of the major highlights of the night. Not only did the orchestra offer plenty of familiar scores -- John Travolta took the stage to a bit of Pulp Fiction music -- but there were some fantastic musical performances during the Oscars, including Menzel's "Let it Go" and Pink's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Watch some of the highlights here! And catch some of the highs and lows of the 2014 Oscars in this GIF review!

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