Jonathan Knight Apologizes For Walking Off Stage, Should Fans Forgive Him?

When fans attend a New Kids On The Block show, they expect to see dancing, singing, banter and maybe even some shenanigans. What they don’t plan for, however, is one of the guys randomly walking off stage in the middle of the set without any kind of explanation. Unfortunately for fans in New York City last night, that’s exactly what they got last night during the reunited boy band’s gig at the iHeartRadio Theater.

According to The New York Daily News, Jonathan Knight walked off mid-set, leaving his fellow group members to dispel the tension by making some he’s-using-the-bathroom jokes. When he never returned to the stage, it became pretty clear that something serious was wrong, but as for what that something might be, no one seems to have any idea.

Here’s Knight’s only comment about the incident…

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Since coming back together five years ago, the guys have toured extensively. Thus, any nerves or professional rust should have been well taken care of by the time they took the stage last night. Unfortunately, it seems Knight’s head just wasn’t in the game for whatever reason.

The majority of fans seem willing to be supportive in this instance, but given how much money concertgoers paid, there’s something about what happened that feels a bit selfish and inexcusable.

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