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Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's Attorney, Being Investigated By State Bar

Jose Baez, the criminal attorney who recently oversaw Casey Anthony's acquittal, is in trouble with the law again thanks to his unwillingness to disclose some pertinent information. Aside from her murder trial, Baez's client Casey Anthony also had legal problems related to check fraud. She was found guilty, and the judge ordered her to serve probation with the stipulation that her time served while awaiting her trial would not count. Unfortunately, someone wrote up the paperwork wrong and accidentally counted her time in jail, effectively nullifying the probation. Baez was well aware of the mishap but chose not to inform the court. The State Bar of Florida has launched an investigation, and they are not pleased with the attorney's conduct.

According to TMZ, Baez is not concerned about the potential legal issue and has said he looks forward to it being dismissed just like the twenty odd other cases brought against him in the past.

Baez has a long history of squabbles with the court system. In fact, the state of Florida denied him a license to practice law for nearly a decade because of a history of unpaid bills. He was finally approved in 2005 and went on to represent Casey Anthony. At times, his in trial choices were a bit odd and borderline incompetent, but thanks to the prosecutors reaching to charge his client without a ton of evidence, Baez won the case. It remains to be seen whether he will have a license moving forward to try his hand again.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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