Something is rotten inside the Jackson family. A little more than a week after leaving her grandchildren at their home outside Los Angeles, a judge suspended Katherine Jackson’s guardianship over Michael Jackson’s three children and appointed Tito’s son T.J. to take her place. As of right now, the swap is temporary, but the judge advised TJ to apply for a more permanent arrangement in the near future.

A day before Katherine was scheduled to head to New Mexico to watch a Jackson Brothers concert, she was visited by a doctor completely unrelated to her normal physician who reportedly advised she fly rather than drive. She never ended up going to the concerts, and a few days later, five of her children issued a letter making it clear they’d like to challenge Michael Jackson’s current will which leaves them with nothing. After the concerned children never heard from their grandmother, TJ filed a missing persons report.

Authorities later tracked Katherine to Arizona where she’s currently in the care of some of her children, but the arrangement might not be as rosy as it seems. According to TMZ, Katherine’s own attorney told the court today she thinks her client is being held at the residence against her will. Obviously, those claims are merely allegations at this point, but they’re also clearly a signal that something is very wrong.

Whatever is going on with Katherine, it’s nice to see TJ has stepped up to the plate. Earlier this week, he allegedly fended off an attempt by MJ’s siblings to forcibly take the children to Arizona. No doubt more details from that disaster will emerge in the coming days. We’ll keep you updated.

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