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It’s funny how life works out sometimes. When Katie Couric’s husband Jay Monahan tragically passed away from colon cancer at the age of forty-two, she took an acceptable amount of time to grieve and then plunged back into the dating pool. She was very interested in finding someone else to be with in order to provide her young daughters with a father figure and perhaps have more children. None of her subsequent long-term relationships worked out, but now that her daughters are out of the house or about to be out of the house, she’s finally found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

According to US Weekly, Couric and her boyfriend of two years, John Molner, have decided to take the next step. He recently popped the question, and she gave him the yes he was looking for. Specifics such as when the wedding might take place or how star-studded the guest list might be haven’t been determined yet, but there will be plenty of time to gush over those details once the euphoric excitement of getting engaged wears off.

Molner, 50, is a partner at Brown Brothers Harriman. He’s from Chicago, and most importantly, he seems to make Katie, 56, extremely happy. She’s not the type of girl who settles either. Over the last decade and a half, she’s gone on dates with a slew of both famous and non-famous men. She had dinner with Survivor host Jeff Probst, former Full House star Bob Saget and even talk show titan Larry King. Most recently, she dated financier Brooks Perlin, but that relationship ended in 2011 after five years together.

Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to both Couric and Molner during this exciting time. It may not have happened quite as quickly as she first anticipated, but the important part is they both eventually got there. Here’s to hoping they spend the next three or four decades making each other laugh and smile, while finding career successes along the way.

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