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Earlier this week, a rumor began circulating that the recently divorced Katie Holmes was spending a lot of time with and possibly dating Jake Gyllenhaal. The two were supposedly introduced by Joshua Jackson of Mighty Ducks fame and have been hitting it off like Connie and Guy. Today, the actress’ representative blasted those reports for being untrue, and a source close to the actor denied there being anything to the relationship, as well.

The original whispers first emerged in the Italian gossip tabloid Grazia. They were then reported to English-speaking audiences by MTV Europe and round and round the rumor went until it was officially squashed by the statement to Gossip Cop. Conceivably, Holmes’ rep could be lying to cover up a budding relationship the actress still wants to keep secret, but more than likely, that would have led to a no comment, not a full scale denial.

After her lengthy relationship with Cruise, Holmes has plenty of activities on her mind outside of dating. She’s currently performing on Broadway, and she still has young Suri to raise. Someday she’ll definitely get back to being one of the most beautiful and famous women on the available market, but with the rest of her life ahead of her, there’s really no rush at this point.

That being said, there’s something about a Gyllenhaal/ Holmes combination that makes sense; so, if they’re both single and looking at the same time in the future, they should look into having dinner.

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