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For the past week, we’ve heard story after story about Katie Holmes’ desperation to get away from Scientology. We’ve heard about how Suri was reaching prime indoctrination age and how Holmes couldn’t imagine her poor little girl growing up beneath the overbearing shadow of the Church. It’s been like one, giant middle finger directed at L Ron Hubbard since the moment Katie announced her intentions to go it alone, and not surprisingly, that angle has worked.

Apart from bad cell phone reception, terrorism and the French work ethic, there are few things Americans mistrust and hate more than Scientology, which is perhaps why Holmes could end a marriage, reportedly without abuse, addiction or infidelity, and still come out the other side smelling like roses. Unfortunately for her, however, reports are finally beginning to emerge that call into question everything we’ve heard over the first couple of days.

According to TMZ Tom’s friends are convinced Katie has merely gone with the anti-Scientology angle in order to curry favor with the masses. They think the split is more one of personality problems than belief problems, and any claims otherwise are merely smoke screens to help Holmes come off like a champion. The actress reportedly attended Scientology services regularly since the marriage began both with and without Cruise.

I’d like to think Katie wouldn’t use Tom’s religion, and maybe her own, in order to get a little bit ahead in a court case, but now, I’m really not so sure. What do you think? Is Scientology the reason behind the split or does it run much deeper? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

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