Early today, Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Kayte Walsh, announced they had brought their first child together into the world. The birth comes after months of preparation and even a renewal of the couple’s marriage vows to celebrate the big day. The couple had been struggling to have a child for several years, following a miscarriage suffered by Walsh in 2010; so, the birth of little Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer was a joyous event for the 57-year-old actor and his wife.

Unfortunately, Friday the 13 is also a day tinged with sadness. Fans following the couple’s big news for the past several months will know Grammer and his 31-year-old wife were expecting twins. Although the couple have knew about the baby's loss prior to the birth, they told People they simply wanted to keep the news private.
“This was not something we cared to make known publicly at the time. It was unspeakably painful and we know that people will understand our desire to keep the news private then, as we know they will respect our privacy in this matter now.”

The couple says they have known about the loss of their other baby—a little boy—for several months, but did not want to tinge the big day with lingering sadness. Both mother and little Faith are doing great post-birth and the Grammers would like to focus on the 6 lbs., 2 oz. they can hold in their arms, and not make a fuss over private feelings.
“A glorious birth with a lingering sadness is ours today. We choose to celebrate the life that has been given us. We proudly introduce our Faith to the world today looking forward to the days ahead and the children yet to come.”

Still, the wee hours of the morning, when little Faith was born, must have been beautiful for the couple. Pop Blend would like to wish the Grammers the best of luck as they embark on their journey with the new baby in the coming weeks.

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