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Kevin Durant Kisses Old Woman After Mistakenly Hitting Her With A Pass

Sitting courtside at an NBA game might not be a life-threatening risk, but now and again, it can involve some minor physical injuries. An elderly woman found out as much at a Clippers/ Thunder game earlier this week when a Kevin Durant pass was deflected and wound up striking her in the head. Like a champion, she kept smiling and put a good face on, but Durant sensed she needed a little something extra to get over the incident. So, he walked off and surprised her with a kiss on the forehead.

The kind gesture was a complete shock for the elderly woman, but it seemed to be well received. In fact, she was grinning ear to ear afterwards. Take a look at the surprise smooch below…

This is a microcosm for why so many NBA fans have fallen in love with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook and Durant are always smiling, having a good time and playing as hard as is humanely possible. I have no idea whether they’ll be able to recapture their former glory now that James Harden has been traded, but like most people, I want to see them in the mix come summertime.

Something tells me this old woman agrees too. She’s gonna have a hell of a story to tell her friends.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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