Kevin Farley's Ex Accuses Him Of Making Death Threats 3 Years After Split

After a harsh or unexpected break-up, there’s a period of time in which it’s generally considered not-stalkerish to phone the ex. Everyone’s length of time is different, but in general, if people need a few weeks to sort out their shit, no one’s going to chastise too severely. This story, however, takes place so far outside that acceptable window and goes so far beyond generic angry words that it’s wound up in front of a judge.

Fayrene Byrd-Doig has filed the paperwork to get a restraining order against Chris Farley’s little brother Kevin. The comedian, best known for playing Doug in the fictional band 2Gether, dumped her back in 2009, and now she claims he’s phoned her twice in the last month to make death threats. According to her, the first was the standard “I’m going to fucking kill you”, while the second was more elaborate and involved her never seeing her children again.

According to TMZ, Farley has already responded to the allegations, claiming she’s the one who has been harassing him. He thinks she’s still pissed about the break-up three years ago, and all he wants is to be left alone.

With these he-said-she-said cases, it’s usually pretty difficult to figure out who is telling the truth; so, I’d imagine when both parties sit in front of a judge next month, he or she will grant the restraining order in the interest of peace. At the end of the day, there’s really no reason why either should be calling the other. Thus, they’d each be better served by just making future contact completely illegal.

Mack Rawden
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