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Kanye West is great at a lot of things. Taking a joke and underreacting are not typically among them. The musician recently flipped his shit on Jimmy Kimmel after the late night host mocked him and lost his nerve on Twitter after his music video was unexpectedly released early. As such, you would have thought he would have been less than amused by Seth Rogen and James Franco’s send-up of his music video for the song “Bound 2”, but if his fiancée Kim Kardashian is to be believed, West was amused by it.

Taking to Twitter, Kardashian tweeted out a link to the parody to all of her followers and gave a very overt thumbs up. Here’s a look at the tweet in question…

In addition to the above message, Kardshian also had a direct conversation with Rogen letting him know West “laughed so hard” at their creation. In response, Rogen empathized with her over how difficult many of the positions were to get into, and assumedly, everyone involved departed having shared a few laughs and some publicity. That’s obviously the perfect way to do it, but as per usual, there are many who think there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Kanye himself has not commented on the brouhaha. That could be because he doesn’t keep the most active twitter account or it could be because he’s not actually pleased with what happened. After all, I think most people who have been in long-term relationships have at least a few times lied about their partner’s real feelings in order to avoid larger problems.

Regardless, you can take a look at Kanye’s original video below. It’s NSFW For Language And Nipple-less Boobs.

Do You Think Kanye Is Really Down With The Video?

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