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Members of the Manson Family have been implicated in almost a dozen murders, but many law enforcement experts have long been confident there may be as many as a dozen more. Numerous people were killed in areas very close to where the family resided. More than four decades later, however, authorities have never been able to prove their hunches. Those involved aren’t talking, and most of the witnesses have long since vanished or moved. Luckily, there may be another way to figure out what happened.

In the lead up to the trial of Manson’s right hand man Tex Watson, the accused reportedly talked to his lawyer for hours on end about exactly what happened during his time with the family. His attorney has since died, and the Los Angeles Police Department put in a request to get the tapes.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Watson has filed a motion to prevent the tapes from getting out, and the case is currently working its way through an appeals process. Assumedly, there must be something pertaining to unsolved cases or criminal behavior for Tex to fight the release, but no one will have any way of knowing until the contents are actually heard.

Considering Watson has almost no chance of ever getting out of prison, the state should cut him a deal in which he spills all he knows in exchange for a promise they won’t charge him with anything more. He’s already spent more than four decades behind bars. Closure for other families is needed, not more justice.