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This week’s news has featured plenty of The Great Gatsby, which is why it shouldn't surprise anyone that the film is also heating up the music sphere. The Great Gatsby soundtrack, produced by Jay-Z, put up very impressive numbers in terms of number of units, but it couldn't quite beat out the popular group Lady Antebellum, who earned this week's Billboard charts win. Spectacle might play at the box office, but country music is still king.

It’s difficult to earn the #1 spot in the Billboard Album charts and Lady Antebellum actually achieved the feat for the third time in the group’s history this week, which deserves a pat on the back. The Nashville group’s fourth studio album, Golden, debuted this week opposite a slew of other big releases, including The Great Gatsby soundtrack, Now 46, The Pistol Annie’s Annie Up and Rod Stewart’s Time, which took the subsequent places. According to Billboard, Golden sold 167,000 copies in its first week. Here's a song from the brand new album.

In many ways, it’s big news that The Great Gatsby soundtrack is doing so well on the charts. It’s not super often that movie soundtracks receive that much notice. Then again, with the likes of Jay-Z, Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Ray, and Beyonce on the soundtrack, perhaps we should even be expecting a little more from the new soundtrack release. As per Billboard, the soundtrack wasn’t even really in a close second, pulling in 136,000. The Hunger Games beat those numbers last year with a debut of 170,000 sales. I guess that’s what Taylor Swift buys you. Here's a taste of what Gatsby has to offer.