Leonardo DiCaprio has added another beautiful woman to his long list of ex-girlfriends. The actor and his girlfriend Erin Heatheron have decided to go their separate ways, and while neither has commented publically on the split, rumors are pointing toward conflicting schedules as the primary reason.

According to E! Online, DiCaprio has been extremely busy over the last year between working on Great Gatsby in Australia and working on Django Unchained in New Orleans. The two tried to give it a go amidst those circumstances, even taking a trip to Mexico with his mom, but in the end, the distance was apparently just too much. They went their separate ways a few weeks back without any friction or animosity, but maybe after each settles down sometime in the future, they’ll give it another go.

There are some Hollywood actors who remain single so they can canoodle with a long stream of random women. DiCaprio is not among them. He dated model Bar Refaeli for four years, then almost immediately gave it a go with Blake Lively and then moved on to Heatheron late last year. He would clearly rather find someone special than go on alone forever. Luckily, with his looks, bank account, personality and willingness, he should have plenty of more swings at bat. Chances are one of those contacts will work out.

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