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Levi Johnston Will Reportedly Marry His Other Baby Mama This Weekend

Levi Johnston may not have made it down the aisle with Bristol Palin, but apparently, it wasn’t because he’s opposed to marriage. The former Playgirl model is reportedly planning to walk down the aisle with new fiancée Sunny Oglesby just weeks after she gave birth to his second child and her first.

The impending nuptials were first reported by US Weekly, and while neither member of the couple has confirmed the news publically, it seems believable enough. The two began dating a little more than a year ago, and she got pregnant almost immediately. Their daughter was born back in September, and her birth made worldwide headlines thanks to mom and dad’s decision to name her Breeze Beretta.

Given Levi’s contentious relationship with Bristol, it’s unclear whether plans have been made for his son Tripp to be on hand for the ceremony, but one would imagine they would want the little guy there. If Levi and Sunny can manage to stay together, those pictures will be up in their living room for decades. They’re going to want everyone in the family to be in them.

Regardless, Pop Blend sends out its most sincere well-wishes to the entire Johnston family. The relationship may not have worked out with Bristol, but honestly, a quiet life in Alaska filled with hockey, coldness and normalcy seems to be a lot more in Levi’s wheelhouse than politics anyway.

Mack Rawden
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