Lisa Marie Presley Worked For A Day On A Fish And Chips Truck

For seventeen years, Lisa Marie Presley lived in the same California neighborhood without getting to know anyone who lived around her. So, two years ago when she moved to England, Elvis’ daughter decided she would mingle with the locals. For most people, that would probably mean throwing a barbeque, but for Lisa, it apparently meant getting herself involved in what sounds like the plot of a terrible American movie about the United Kingdom.

According to The Daily Mail, Presley worked on a mobile fish and chips truck for a day. She apparently met the owner, Kim Scales, and was so shocked this even existed, she asked if she could help out for a shift and meet the locals. Not a single person recognized her, and that was exactly how she wanted it.

The other people in the village of Rotherfield are well aware of who Presley is now, but her fame doesn’t really matter. She’s just one of the locals, whether she’s enjoying some fish and chips someone else prepared or having a pint of Guinness inside the local pub. She wanted her children to experience a sense of community, and moving across the pond has given them exactly that.

As for whether Presley has a future in the fish and chips business, the woman who briefly worked as her superior says absolutely not. Apparently, she was “cack-handed”, which is either a sex joke or an English insult of the highest order.

Mack Rawden
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