As sports fans, all of us having breaking points. All of us have lines that, when crossed, lead us to start turning on our favorite squads. In Kansas City, most people have already run past the threshold in the first two weeks of the season. The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game in almost twenty years, and with two blowouts already, it’s obvious this year’s version will be godawful. They may even be the single worst team in the league, and worse, there have been several moments already in which players seemed to be giving less than one hundred percent.

Earlier this week, all that collective anger, resentment and hatred boiled over in the form of a rant from local radio personality Bob Fescoe. With a righteous anger, the poor guy turned off the filter and let every single negative feeling he has about the team come to the surface. It’s both mean-spirited and deserved. Take a listen below…

My favorite part of this diatribe, without question, is when Fescoe goes through all the other things he could have done on Sunday. He could have gone to the pumpkin patch. He could have eaten donuts. Instead, he watched this sorry ass excuse for a team embarrass the 2.5 million people in the Kansas City area. Despite his claims, something tells me he’ll continue to watch the Chiefs. Whether others who don’t work in sports radio will do the same, however, is unclear.

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