Joe Jackson is recovering in a Las Vegas hospital after suffering a stroke this morning. The eighty-three-year-old patriarch of the famous musical family is said to be in very good spirits, and if all goes well, he’s hoping to leave the hospital sometime on Friday.

According to CNN, this is the third stroke Jackson has suffered in the past five years. Luckily, all have been of the minor variety and have not done long-term damage to his health of affected his quality of life by any significant measure.

Back in the day, Joe generated a lot of headlines for his behavior and the way he managed the family band, The Jackson 5, but in recent years, he’s mostly stayed out of the papers. He and matriarch Katherine are legally still married, but they really don’t have very much to do with one another. He spends a high percentage of his time in Las Vegas, and she watches over Michael’s children in Calabasas, California.

Over the next few days, the family will likely release several updates on Joe’s health. When they do, we’ll let you know how things are progressing. The matter doesn’t sound overly serious, but at his age, even a minor stroke has the potential to be a major issue.

Here’s to hoping Jackson is back on his feet and going about his daily routine in no time.

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