Last weekend was a big weekend for cable news, after the first same sex marriage happened within the cable news industry. It was an even bigger day for MSNBC news anchor Thomas Roberts, who married his longtime partner, Patrick Abner. The ceremony was held in Manhattan in Gansevoort Park with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom officiating the ceremony.

A wedding is always super awesome, but Roberts’ wedding comes with an additional monumental moment: after the ceremony was accomplished, Thomas became the first cable news anchor to marry a person of the same sex. Cue the necessary “awws.” According to The Huffington Post, the wedding was a suave affair, with several MSNBC employees in attendance, including Chris Jansing and Tamron Hall.

Sadly for me, when two dudes marry one another, there’s usually less chance of seeing a fluffy white dress, which happens to be my favorite part of a wedding to gush over. While I don’t have a wowza dress to report, in the days following the wedding, Roberts has been Tweeting up a storm. On Sunday he posted a picture of his ring, which looks predictably glossy and features a really wide band.

Pop Blend would like to wish the couple our congratulations as they move into this new stage in their relationship. Hopefully they’ll get a chance to continue the celebration with a nice belated honeymoon vacation. I’m guessing this may have to go down after the news coverage for the big vote in November, however.

Photo credit @Thomas Roberts via Whosay.

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