One of the coolest things about being exceptionally famous and, in extension, fabulously wealthy is the opportunity to collect unique items. Elizabeth Taylor was quite fond of expensive jewelry pieces, while other celebrities might collect pieces of art or fashion. Madonna was the owner of famous Cubist painter Fernand Leger’s “Trois Femmes a la Table Rouge” until recently, when she sold off the item via auction.

You would think Madonna should have plenty of money to spare. Apparently, the singer didn’t sell the painting in order to replenish her own coffers. Instead, in usual Madonna fashion, the 54-year-old sold the painting in order to benefit her charity, the Ray of Light Foundation, which builds educational centers in order to help get children off the streets across the world. The proceeds from the painting should go a long way for the charity. According to the LA Times, the painting was only supposed to bring in somewhere between $5 million and $7 million and it eventually brought in $7.2 million—a number higher than the highest estimated price.

Leger created the painting all the way back in 1921. In 1991, Madonna acquired the intriguing artwork, which features three women sitting around a table. The date that really matters is 2013, since all of the proceeds given to Madonna from the unknown buyer will go to support girls’ education projects in numerous countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. I’ve seen other really cool auctions before, but this one seems a bit more noble, thanks to the singer’s intentions. Madonna is often at the heart of controversy, but it’s nice to see that this time around, her intentions are far more selfless.

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