Say what you will about Madonna, but the starlet has always known how to draw a crowd. She churned out scandalous headlines at a frightening rate for what felt like two solid decades starting in the early 1980s, and in the time since, she’s found herself on the front page of papers at least now and again thanks to huge performances and boob flashes. For the most part, however, she’s been pretty quiet about the choices she’s made in raising her children, and the general public has largely taken a step back and let her focus on that part of her life in relative silence, at least until she dropped the above picture over the weekend and all hell broke loose.

Madonna’s son Rocco is the one in the middle with the bandana that I’ll refrain from commenting on since he’s only thirteen. Assumedly, the dudes flanking him in that picture are his friends, and since the Material Girl was the one who took the picture, it’s probably safe to assume there wasn’t actually any drinking that went on. That hasn’t stopped Instagram users from starting flame wars with each other about whether or not the picture is inappropriate, however. In fact, the spirited debate is still going on, even after Madonna told everyone it was a joke and they should chill out.

So, the question of the day is whether or not alcohol-related pictures with children are funny jokes or trashy examples of bad parenting. Considering these kids are thirteen, are probably interested in drinking and seem to be under the impression they’re the coolest thirteen-year-olds in the world with their liquor bottles in this picture, I would most definitely be on the trashy side, but unlike some people, I’m not bothered enough to post comments underneath her Instagram about it.

Being the child of a celebrity offers quite a few advantages, but it also poses its own unique challenges. Without the simple routine and monotony of a less glamorous existence, it can be difficult to stay grounded. Hopefully Rocco won’t have that problem and we won’t be seeing any pictures like this with open alcohol containers for another eight years, or more realistically, not until he's in college.

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